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Tutorial: How To Use Our Transformers Earth Wars Cheats & Hack Tool !?

Please follow our instructions avoiding facing any delay:

  • Visit our Landing page clicking on the “Hack Now”.
  • Enter your Username/Email which you used to access the game.
  • Choose your resources which you wish to receive (any amount are acceptable).
  • Click on “Generate” button.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and let the server loading the info.
  • Get over the “Robot Verification” by doing a survey to prove you are a human not a bot.
  • Now visit your account and you will see the chosen resources are attached there successfully.


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Is there any negative effect on my account using this tool?

Simply NO

But lets explain why “Simply NO”, Actually the reason is we are not really doing hacking stuff we are just doing very legit things exploiting some bugs in the game’s security system thats allow us to go through it and send Cyber Coins,Energon and more resources as a gifts ((Just IN BULK)) and normally that happens between each friends to send each other’s some gifts ! but in our case and using this tool you allowed to send even 999999 from each !

I hope that was pretty clear for all of your, please don’t hisitate to contact us if you facing any problems using our Transformers Earth Wars Cheats tool !

How secured ?

We have combined between the quality/credibility and to keep all user’s data is safe, so that our tool is “ONLINE” so you don’t need to share your account info with any one . as we mentioned before you can even generate resources in Transformers Earth Wars to a friend or even unknown player using our Hack tool.


Transformers Earth Wars Guide

Your Ultimate Transformers Earth Wars Guide Online:

Calling all serious online gamers out there, here is your absolute Transformers Earth Wars guide to make you win in this game in no time with a little effort to put on. Lots of people gamers make a common mistake of just downloading the game without fully knowing how to play it. Don’t be one of those!


Today you will find out how to play this game using this Transformers Earth Wars guide. You will learn the basics and some advanced techniques that you probably won’t see anywhere else. For starters, you must go to either Google Play or iTunes to download this game. Once you have downloaded it, the fun starts here!


Step-by-step Transformers Earth Wars Guide and Instructions:

  1. Get familiar with the characters because you will need to pick a side after this.
  2. The assembly agenda is the next that you should keep in mind. This is basically forming a good team. If you choose to be an Autobot, then you must find players who will be perfect for your team who are on the same side. Note that there are more than 40 of them, so it is up to you to make a good judgment on this matter.
  3. In this game, you will see a Space Bridge, it is a must that you maximize its purpose in calling other teammates.
  4. In every war game, there is a healer. This Transformers Earth Wars guide would like to remind you of the same thing. The Ratchet is your gateway to receive healing.
  5. Stockpiles are there for you to create reliable defenses. Make sure to make use of it to your advantage.
  6. There are alliances built up for designated teams. If you are of the Autobots, make sure that you communicate well with other Autobots to plan an attack against the Decepticons. Likewise, you can do this with the Decepticons if you are with their team and this time, you will go against the Autobots.

Transformers Earth Wars Guide and Techniques:

Aside from learning its basics, it is good that you have some tricks ups in your sleeves when you play this game. One of the few tricks that we could teach you here is upgrading your Shuttle whenever you have the time to do it. Best if you could do it all the time! Why? Because every time you do it, the system will grant you permission to add another character in the field or in the war zone. The more you have people or team mates added in your side, there goes your chances of winning as well.


Before you go ahead and pick a character to be a part of your team, you can check their profile first and see if they would be an asset or a liability. Click on the “?” icon of the player that you wish to see his or her records in the game.

There you have it! You Transformers Earth Wars guide right on your fingertips. Have fun playing and tell your friends to download this game. It’s free!

Megatron Hero
Jetfire Hero

Transformers Earth Wars Cheats

Transformers Earth Wars Cheats and Free Access to Unlimited Cyber Coins to Make Your Gaming Experience Exquisite

Are you ready for some real techniques and Transformers Earth Wars cheats? I have it all for you today, so you won’t just win the game, but actually have fun doing it. Oftentimes, gamers are just focus on winning and they are missing the fun out of it. I mean, we get it that you want to win it, but don’t be way too overly competitive that it becomes your sole purpose in life. You would appreciate it even more when you enjoy every moment there is in the game.

But we know it is hard to even enjoy it when your resources are scarce. This game requires in-app purchases for you to go on and win it. There is a currency involved in this realm and most gamers prefer to find Transformers Earth Wars cheats online because it would surely save them time and money by doing so. You are lucky today since I am here to provide you all the Transformers Earth Wars cheats and tricks that you need through a generator that I have created myself.

But before I go ahead and give you that information, allow me to walk you through some real tips and techniques first. You must keep in mind that this is not your average strategy game and just like its theme, there’s more to it than it meets the eye. Picture a war that doesn’t seem to end and you have the sole power to cease it.


The process is so easy! Just follow all the instructions that I have here and you should be set. I made it sure that navigation is also something that everyone would understand. There is no need to be a tech genius to figure this out! Have fun and enjoy this game with this Transformers Earth Wars cheats and tricks!

Transformers Earth Wars Hack


  1. The first thing that you should focus on is the structure for your harvest plans. It would be hard for you to even function without a structured plan for this matter, as well as not having an established storage area. It is a common mistake that gamers are more focus on their defenses. This is a wrong move fellas. Make sure that you have more resources to pile first before you decide to upgrade.
  2. In the game, you will encounter a lot of rocks and trees. I have to warn you to just walk pass them because those won’t do anything to your points anyway. Some gamers spend their resources fighting those and it is nothing but a waste of time and currency!
  3. Part of this Transformers Earth Wars Hack is a technique where you have to keep your enemies closer. Well, kind of. If you think that a particular enemy is so vulnerable or susceptible to giving in, then I say go for that strategy. But one thing is for sure, you must have all your defenses right beside you. Just don’t make it too obvious to your enemies though or they would see that as an opening for an attack as well.
  4. Make use of the walls in this game and get familiar with their role in your current status. Once you know the deal of the walls around you, it would be easy for you to know your way around and even the strategy of your enemies.
  5. Always make sure that you always have some reserved Cyber Coins with you to make instant purchases that you need when you gear up for battle.


Speaking of Cyber Coins, I have here the ultimate TRANSFORMERS EARTH WARS Hack that you need, as it involves this currency for this game. You could either purchase these or earn this manually, but it would take you a long time to make that happen. To save you time and money, I created a generator that would give you all the Cyber Coins that you want for this game. Aside from that benefit, here are some of the advantages that my TRANSFORMERS EARTH WARS Cheats could give you. It would be better if you are keeping an open mind for this. (wink)


  1. No virus threats would be found in your computer or any device using this Transformers Earth Wars Hack because you are spared from downloading anything. You will be directed on a website where you could straightly request for your cyber coins.
  2. Your security when it comes to your account is safe because I made it a point that everything is hard coded. You will be incognito from all the site admins, so don’t worry because your game’s account won’t be traced at all.
  3. I know you are probably wondering how much it would cost you to have an access to this. But you will leap for joy when I tell you that you won’t have to pay for a single cent.
  4. No need to answer pointless surveys that probably won’t even lead you to have an access to a generator like I have on this Transformers Earth Wars Cheats.
  5. If you are thinking that you might need to jailbreak your device for this service, the answer is no!
  6. This is compatible to all platforms, which means you could enjoy it whether you are using iOS or Android.

Prerequisites and Procedure

All you need is a good internet connection and a computer with a browser of your choice. Below are the directions on how you could activate this generator for this special Transformers Earth Wars Cheats.


  1. Go straight to above button “Hack NOW”
  2. The site will ask you for your username or email that is linked to your game’s account. Please provide that. (no need to add password)
  3. Provide the amount of Cyber Coins and the rest resources that you want.
  4. Press the Generate button that you could find below it.
  5. Wait for about a minute or two and the system will generate.
  6. Proof that you are not robot by doing a survey.
  7. Check back your account and see the difference on the amount of cyber coins that you have now.

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